Vengeance for Brandon

Put an End to Racist Violence!

Wanna Help?

The overwhelming show of support from people all over the world is truly amazing! Hopefully with your help we can be sure that this will be the last violence the three perpetrators commit for quite some time.

1. Sign this petition with the White House asking that the Department of Justice investigate the assault of Brandon Pettiford as a potential hate crime.

2. After signing the petition, choose the option to share on Facebook and Twitter. The White House is obligated to respond if we can obtain 100k signatures in one month so it’s important to share as quickly as possible.

3. “Like” the Veangence For Brandon Facebook Page. Please share the page with your friends!

4. Follow @AvengeBrandon on Twitter.

5. Keep Brandon, Jessie, and their loved ones and families in your thoughts and prayers. Beyond the stress of seeing such a horrible injury happen to someone you love, the added stress of dealing with the police, media, and wrapping your head around the senselessness of this crime is probably harder than any of us can imagine.

6. Consider helping Brandon’s family financially.


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