Vengeance for Brandon

Put an End to Racist Violence!


We need 100k signature on this petition in order to obligate the White House’s response. Please take a moment to sign AND share!
Direct the DOJ to investigate the assault on Brandon Pettiford of Terre Haute, IN as a potential hate crime.

In the early hours of Feb 17, three people pursued the car of Jessie Stout. They forced her to pull her car over and violently assaulted her. The biracial passenger of the car, Brandon Pettiford, was the real target of the assault. Racial slurs were hurled at Brandon while he was nearly kicked to death. According to the attackers’ own words they pursued him because he had flirted and danced with a white girl at a house party earlier that evening. The three accused attackers are being held on a small bond and one minor felony despite Brandon’s critical condition. Local authorities claim their hands are tied, largely because of the lack of state legislation against hate crimes. Please direct the Department of Justice to investigate the matter.
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